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A coalition of civil society organisation, companies and trade unions calls on the next government to put mHRDD in their programme

The #ykkösketjuun* campaign is supported by over 70 civil society organisations, companies and trade unions. Coalition company members include some of the largest companies and most valued brands in Finland.

The #ykkösketjuun campaign sets out to promote a law that would obligate companies to map their human rights impacts and take steps to prevent and mitigate possible adverse impacts. Such a law would be based on the concept of human rights due diligence defined in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The law’s enforcement mechanisms should be effective and based on international best practice.

The #ykkösketjuun campaign was launched on 24th September 2018. The campaign aims to generate debate and mobilize public support for its call in the run-up to the parliamentary elections which will be held on 19th April 2019. All members of the Finnish society including citizens, companies and organisations are invited to extend their support for the campaign call. Parliamentary candidates are invited to commit to advancing mandatory human rights due diligence legislation should they be elected to Parliament.

* ‘ykkösketjuun’ is a Finnish term which means ‘to the first line’ as in the lines in ice hockey. It also includes the Finnish word for a ‘chain’ as in value chain, ‘(arvo)ketju’.


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