The challenges of preventing corporate human right abuses abroad

Erika Eshneidereit, National Magazine


The protection of human rights is one of the core values that Canadians hold dear. But do Canadian laws do enough to prevent human rights abuses committed overseas?

The challenges posed by this question have become increasingly relevant in a world where Canadian companies control vast operations in multiple countries. This issue has also drawn the attention of international bodies, such as the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights. 

Earlier this summer, the working group visited Canada to examine issues involving Canadian corporations and human rights. Of particular interest was Canada’s extractive industry (mining and oil and gas) – unsurprisingly, given that more than half of the world’s mining companies call Canada home. While the group wrapped up its visit by applauding Canada for its commitment to addressing business-related human rights issues, it also identified a number of lingering concerns in preventing and remedying human rights abuses committed by Canadian companies operating abroad.

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