Bhopal disaster victims may never get compensation following Dow-DuPont merger, fears UN official

Emily Goddard, the Independant


Exclusive: Baskut Tuncak is ‘deeply concerned’ about the merger between the two companies, which could obstruct justice for victims of the world’s deadliest industrial disaster

The UN’s special rapporteur on hazardous substances and wastes has said that he is “deeply concerned” the merger between Dow Chemical and DuPont may erase any remaining possibility of the victims of the Bhopal disaster seeing an “effective remedy”, more than three decades on from the tragedy.

The two chemical giants completed the planned $130bn (£100bn) merger to form DowDuPont earlier this month, but Tuncak fears that appropriate justice for those affected by the 1984 deadly gas leak at the Union Carbide India pesticide plant will now be even more challenging to achieve.

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