Dutch chocolate manufacturer, "Tony Chocoloney", advocates in favour of Dutch Child Labour Bill

Toney's Chocoloney


[Translation from Dutch original]

Help and support the 'duty of care child labour' law!

The Senate will vote on the 'duty of care for child labour' law on 19 December 2017.

Your voice is important! Because, while the House of Representatives has already passed this law, it is now highly uncertain whether the law will come through The Senate. Why..? Read on or support the petition directly.

Do you want to buy products in the Netherlands produced without child labor? Then support the law 'duty of care child labor'. It is not normal that child labour occurs so much. The standard for all products and services on the Dutch market must be: 100% child labour free. In the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, the Netherlands has agreed that 'in 2025, all forms of child labour in the world must have come to an end. We've got work to do!

Enneh .. why is this uncertainty at The Senate?
The Senate wonders whether 'the law does not burden businesses too much' and 'whether we should not solve child labour through self-regulation'. No! We think. This law does not require anything impossible from companies. Companies must declare that they do what is necessary to prevent child labour, investigate the risks of child labour in their supply chains and tackle them according to their ability. Only with a law does the norm go up and child labour is tackled seriously.

Not only Tony's Chocolonely thinks that there should be a law against child labour. Twenty-four companies, including Barry Callebaut, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate, Rabobank, ASN bank, Bavaria and Heineken, sent a letter to the Senate on the initiative of Tony's Chocolonely. Here you can read the letter and see which companies have signed.

Do you also support the law against child labour? We will personally bring your vote to the Senate.